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So I recently purchased some equipment for my HT.  I picked up 2 of the Polk Monitor 70's and the Monitor 25C as a center.  They were matched and all was good in the world...except when one of the 70's started acting up.  It was only 2 weeks old and I ended up having to send it back to New Egg for replacement.  Unfortunately, they notified me that they did not have any 70's available and that they were refunding my money.  I explained that I was now left with a single 70 that did me no good by itself, so they offered to take the second one back as well.  So I boxed it up and sent it off.  I am now left with just the Monitor 25C and have a new set of Polk Audio RTI8's on their way.

Question: Is it going to be a problem using the Monitor 25C with the RTI's?  If so, what would be a good match for the RTI's?  I've heard some using the CSi30 with success.  I'd rather not have to replace the center, but will if I have to.  Thanks for your input.


EDIT: I found that the CSi5 is the best match for these.  
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