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Center speaker: behind or in front

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I just bought a Infocus 4805 with a 106" diag 16:9 screen. My question is how have others dealt with there center placement. Ideally I would like to place the center behind the screen but I am concerned with degrading the sound because of the screen.

Feedback welcomed

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..unless you purchased a perforated screen material, you will likely be very dissappointed with the muffled dynamics and sound quality of the center spkr placed behind the screen.
Jedi is right. Don't put is behind the screen I tried that and have brought it back to the front. If you sit where you plan to always sit to watch movies you can place and adjust settings to trick your brain and ears to think the screen is a speaker. I did have a little help with some guys from my local Ultimate Electronics store though. They helped me get all my sound system set up.

I'd recommend that you place the center channel below and in front of the screen. That's where I have mine. With most dolby digital processors, you can input how far you are away from each speaker. This adjusts the delay, which will compensate for speaker placement. Properly adjusted the center channel sounds will sound like they're coming directly from the actor's mouths. Hope this helps.
so does it help angling the center channel slightly so it's aimed at your head?
Since I use a Screen Research weaved screen my center in directly behind the screen in the center using a vertical center. This is at the same height of the other front speakers and dialoge is outstanding. I reccomend putting the center where it should be, at the center of the screen. This will melt the dialouge right where it needs to be.

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