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Center Speaker Hanging?

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Hey all,

In my previous house I had a great setup where I was able to set my center speaker right underneath the screen.

We have since been forced to move, and the new house is somewhat smaller. The absolutely only place in the house where I can set up the TV is by hanging it above a fireplace mantle. There simply is no other possible place.

Luckily they sell TV wall mounts that go up and down these days, so I can still get a decent viewing position. You just pull the TV down when in serious use, or push it back up over the mantle when not in use or casually watching in the background.

The problem is, what the hell do I do with the center speaker?

I have been googing like hell and have found any number of "Universal Soundbar Mounts" that piggyback on the vesa mounts on the TV, going between the wall mount and TV, hanging the soundbar below the screen. The problem is, none of the ones I have found are designed with traditional boxy center channels in mind.

Has anyone seen a solution like this, that enables you to hang a traditional boxy center channel speaker from the vesa mount holes of the TV?

I'd appreciate any solutions.
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It would help to provide the speaker model and dimensions.
Is it this one from your signature?
Center: RBH 441-se
Finished Dimensions:6-3/4" W x 18" H x 10-1/4" D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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