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This might sound odd, buy here it goes:

I have a Samsung 52" LCD that looks absolutely wonderful. We are very pleased! However, the internal speakers certainly lack in the oomph department. I do have it set up to run through my receiver, however, I really don't need that much sound for just watching regular programming... Plus running all that power, heating up the receiver itself, turning on all the equipment for just a little more bottom and sound is not worth it to me. Additionally, I have two little ones that go to bed at 8. I do however turn on the receiver with speakers for music and movies, but again not for standard TV watching.

I know I also have the option of headphones, but they can get uncomfortable after a while and incase the little guys are crying I would like to hear 'em.

So here's my question, as ridicules as it sounds: Can I set up a Y cable where the center speaker can be used either direct to the TV as well as to the receiver, depending on which application I'm using? In other words, if I turn on the TV, I can use the center speaker as an added layer of sound in addition to the TV, without having to power-up the amp. I'm sure the signal may need to by amplified, so I can use a small amp to bring it to line level.

IS this crazy?

Thank you!
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