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Center speaker shorts out receiver

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My pioneer vsx-9040thx keeps automatically shutting down a few times throughout every movie and the phase control starts blinking. I have kef htc 5001.2 speakers (L,R,C,SL,SR, SW) which has a range of 100-30k hz.

The receiver shuts off at the same points in the movie if I have it at a certain volume level. It’s at -12.5 dB so I don’t think it’s that loud. I have troubleshooted it to the center channel speaker because unplugging the center channel speaker causes the receiver to not shut off.
I have also found that the problem is eliminated if I turn the volume down OR if I go into the manual eq settings and decrease the 4K/8k/16k settings under 1.0 db for the center channel.
I feel like these speakers should be capable of handling higher levels and I am frustrated as I can not utilize the higher frequencies for the center channel (auto eq has optimized the 4K/8k/16k settings you above 3db.

Can someone please explain to me what’s going on?

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Check the speaker wire connection at each end to ensure there are no loose strands possibly touching another speaker post, otherwise, possibly a defective speaker.
I have banana plugs so there are no loose wires.
I doubt it is a defective speaker, but I will attempt to switch the center speaker with one of the other speakers and see if the same problem occurs
Level too high to the Center speaker, AVR going into shutdown...
Options are:
  • Turn it down
  • Get a higher power AVR
  • Get a more efficient center channel speaker

Juts my $0.02... ;)
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Center channel speaker cable could have a defect or damage which can short at a certain amount of power. Connecting another left or right speaker to the center connection will let you know if its the reciever or center/cable. If its not the reciever then check if its the speaker or the cable.

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Hey guys.
So did some further testing.
I swapped the cables for the center speaker and still have the same problem.
I tried switching one of the other speakers with the center speaker and the receiver does not short out so I have troubleshooted it to the center speaker as the issue.
The other 4 speakers are hts 5001.2 whereas the center speaker is htc 5001.2 but I think the speakers are identical in all respects except there is no screw hole on the center speaker to attach the stand /forum/images/smilies/frown.gif

So I can not even swap one of the other speakers with the center one. Maybe I can purchase the same center channel but I am wondering if it will cause the same problems

Super bummed /forum/images/smilies/frown.gif
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A speaker repair shouldn't be that involved. Definitely much less than a new speaker unless you just want a new matching center.
The center speaker seems fine though. It’s only when I turn up the volume loud (not abnormally loud) and it’s a higher pitch 8k and above frequency in the movie that causes the receiver to short out.

Is there actually something wrong with the speaker?
So conclusion, the center speaker crossover is blown.
Getting it repaired as we speak
So conclusion, the center speaker crossover is blown.
Getting it repaired as we speak
This issue was very interesting so thanks for the follow up post. I can relate to your frustration.
So conclusion, the center speaker crossover is blown.
Getting it repaired as we speak

Its great you post the conclusion, and hopefully everything will be good once its fixed :)

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So the local repair shop has changed their tune and they said the tweeter is blown and it’s discontinued 😞 but they said they fixed the shutting amp down problem and that it was some faulty soldering.
I think they were the ones that blew the tweeter trying to resolder wires because the speaker definitely didn’t sound as bad as it is now.
Well this sucks, I need to buy a new center speaker.
The speaker appears to be UniQ with a coaxially mounted tweeter. I saw very few available in search listings. The center appears to be the same as the other speakers in the system, except possibly different stand mounting. I saw one available on HIFIShark (no association) for 65 euro.
Thanks for the research.
Yea I saw some of them selling on uk sites like hifishark. Unfortunately it costs like $125 to ship to Canada and there will be duties and tax. Might as well buy a new center.
Will try to buy brands that are more widespread locally from now on.
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