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It's time for another Speaker GTG in Iowa. The last two have been so much fun that its time for a 3rd. I have an amazing speaker lineup for everyone to come listen to great speakers and even talk to some of the most popular speaker manufacturers in the USA. Phil Bamberg, Mark Seaton & Jeff Permanian will all be attending the event!

This is going a great event to sit down and enjoy listening to an amazing set of speakers and not really a "shoot out." Attendees can bring their own material to listen to during "play time" on any speakers they desire. Food will be provided as long as people want to stay. :)

March 12th Update - In addition to 3 speaker manufacturers, Steve Crabb from iRule will be attending the event to demo his home theater automation equipment & software. He will be helping me to get my custom control system up and running and will be available to answer any questions.

April 23rd Update - Roger Schermerhorn from Lynx Studios will be attending the event to support the Lynx DAC's that we will be using during some of the listening sessions. In addition to the Aurora 8, Roger will be presenting the Lynx Studio Technology Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter System. He will be demonstrating the features and benefits of this AD-DA converter and answering any questions. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen and compare (or assess) to any digital file format (wave, FLAC or the recently available DSD files). http://www.lynxstudio.com/product_detail.asp?i=59 He will be available to discuss anything related to digital audio and answer questions you have about Lynx products. http://www.lynxstudio.com/

The event will be held on Saturday, April 27th in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Start time is 10:00am. Details and directions will be firmed up as the date approaches. Previous events that I have held can be found here:

Speaker Attendance

Bamberg Series 5 Speakers brought by Phil Bamberg of Bamberg Audio

Phil will be in attending the event to discuss his speakers and answer any questions.

JTR Noesis Speakers brought by Jeff Permanian of JTR Speakers

Jeff will be attending the event to discuss his speakers and answer any questions.

Seaton Sound Catalyst brought by Mark Seaton of Seaton Sound

Mark will be attending the event to discuss his speakers and answer any questions.

GR Research LS6 Line Array Speakers brought by DesertDome

Salk HT2-TL'S brought by me!

March 12th Update - Speaker Addition

SVS Ultra Towers

This will mainly be an audio event centered around listening to music. For those who have been at my house before, I plan on changing things up a bit with the room and put the speakers so they face the long way of the room and not the short way. My room is 35' x 17' and normally the LP is at 15' and the space is limited for lots of people to be directly in front of the speakers. By going the long way we can pull the speakers away from the wall, open up the soundstage and put more people directly in front of the speakers. Pictures of my room can be found in the IA Meet thread. Details of the agenda are being finalized and will be announced later.

Toward the end of the event we can put the room back to normal and audition some home theater on the big screen.

My Equipment that could be used during the event:

Salk HT2-TL's & HTC2

Dual JTR Captivators S2 Subs

Denon 4311

W4S STP-SE Preamp

W4S SX-1000 Monoblocks

CAPS Carbon Music Server - link below running JRiver

Mac Mini with Fusion Drive Music Server with Pure Music

Dual Mytek 192 DSD DACs- one DAC for LR & one for the dual S2's

Please post or PM me if you are interested in attending or if you have any questions.

3/30 Update - We are at full capacity. Let me know if you want added to the waiting list. FCFS.


1. Phillip Bamberg of Bamberg Audio - Confirmed

2. Jeff Permanian of JTR Speakers - Confirmed

3. Mark Seaton of Seaton Sound - Confirmed

4 Steve Crabb of iRule - Confirmed

5. Roger Schermerhorn of Lynx Studios - Confirmed

6. dlbeck - Confirmed

7. DesertDome - Confirmed

8. Carp - Confirmed

9. Dragoson - Confirmed

10. Archaea - Confirmed

11. Kjlewie - Confirmed

12. IgnoringMyWife - Confirmed

13. ALMFamily - Confirmed

14. Pianoman88 - Confirmed

15. Baniels - Confirmed

16. Dsl1 - Confirmed

17. HuskerOmaha - Confirmed

18. Deewan - Confirmed

19. Scrappydue - Confirmed

20. ThomasKott - Confirmed

21. MrSmithers - Confirmed

22. Stitch1 - Confirmed

23. Kwarny - Confirmed

24. WarrenP - Confirmed

25. Djarchow - Confirmed

26. Kclone - Confirmed

Waiting List

Elihawk - Possible

Rygher3 - Waiting

Merrymaid520 - Possible

JPolaris - Possible

KBrown - Possible

SierraMikeBravo - Possible

Eddiemoney - Possible

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Getting Phil Bamberg to attend, impressive.

I wish I wasn't 2,000 miles away.

Looking forward to reading about this.

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Sign me up! I'll be there unless a disaster happens! I'm looking forward to meeting some local enthusiasts.

My wife recently gave the go ahead to purchase new speakers and I've been trying to decide between the Catalysts and the new Noesis line. This will give me the opportunity to hear both of them before spending $12k on anything.

Do you know what subs will be there?



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I've heard four of the five speakers before on multiple occassions. But I'll likely end up coming to met up with the gang.

David make sure you 'try out' the room change before you cement it. I changed my room to lengthwise and didn't like it, and moved back to width wise. Your room is YOUR room 99% of the time. Only a group hangout 1% --- or whatever - you know what I'm saying.

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Originally Posted by Dragoson  /t/1460712/central-iowa-spring-audio-gtg-jtr-bamberg-seaton-salk-gr-research/0_100#post_23022238

Do you know what subs will be there?

David owns dual JTR Captivators S2 subs.

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Subscribed. I'm interested in attending and adding it to the calendar as well.

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Quite the impressive line-up ... I don't believe I can make it, however I do wish all involved all the best.

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Count me in! "Sounds" like a great opportunity.

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Subscribed and would love to attend if capacity has not been met!
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