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CES 2009: What You Might Have Missed on Day One

By Richard Sherwin
Various wireless solutions, LG's cool watchphone and those boring, braggadocious company executives are some of the things that got my attention at CES 2009.

Press Day is an annual event that occurs one day before the opening of Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In these always over-crowded press conferences, it really becomes a schoolyard-playground brawl.

Mine is bigger than yours or mine is smaller than yours. My screen is wider, but my bevel is smaller.

The TV makers read from the same time worn scripts trying to impress their bosses with their jocularity. And this year it was worse than usual as the sameness was really dreadful.

Our customer are demanding they must have the Internet on their TV or Our customers are demanding more online content.

Almost all the big CE makers extolled how they had all their new proprietary technologies developed in-house in their headquarters. And then waxed poetic about their strategic partnerships. But I say they can't have it both wayseither they are the great innovators or they needed partners to make them competitive. And if you haven't heard by now, almost all have now partnered with Netflix, Youtube, or the Weather Channel.

Toshiba, a long time leader in the industry, was trying to rewrite history as their me-too introductions of SD-card slots, video gaming modes, Internet content and a list too long too mention, have been on their competitors sets for three or more years. And isn't it time for them to have a replacement for their abandoned HD-DVD players?

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