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CES Roundup: Super Slim TVs

By Chuck McKenney
A look at the thinnest TVs on display at CES 2009.

Whether you are checking out TVs, laptops or super-models, the one common denominator in all three - thin.

While manufacturers have eased up on the race to create the biggest TV (Panasonic's 150-inch plasma is the reigning champ), a quick glance inside any booth at CES 2009 reveals most are still infatuated with thin or slim displays.

And why not? The skinnier the TV, the more likely you'll be to buy it for even the smallest room in your home. Hey honey, I bet that TV will fit in our closet!

You'll notice some manufacturers prefer the metric system (millimeters), while others stick with plain, old inches. Those truly obsessed can use this handy conversion chart.

Click here to view slideshow.
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