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Trying to stop my head from spinning with all this reading to find out what I need to build a HTPC. I read a blog/review of the Ceton as it was coming out and the guy had talked about using Xbox to extend his Ceton. In the setup, which I'd like to do, he had OTA cards which he used to record most of his network programs and shared the Ceton tuners throughout the house.

So, the above is exactly what I'd like to do, which leads me to what is the best case for a Ceton and a dual OTA card (if not 2 dual OTA cards)? From what I've read, these cards run hot and cooling them seems to be a challenge. I'd hope that whatever I build is quieter than my current SA 8300HD box from Comcast. When the hard drive is spinning, it's just plain annoying.

From my research I know that they say to figure the guts of your system and then pick a case, so hopefully I'm looking at this right. I would say a SSD and large storage drive, possibly a video card down the road (if I don't like the whole 24 fps thing) would be a few of the other internals.

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