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Chaintek AV-710 and MCE 2005

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I just received my AV-710 which I ordered based on a couple posts I had read recently. All seems to be great, except one wierd issue. I am using My Movies and can play back DTS and DD over SPDIF and it sounds great, but when I go to watch TV after playing a DVD, I dont get any sound. I have to restart the Media Center app to get sound again. I am able to watch tv and get sound just fine when that is the first thing I do. It only seems happen after I switch back from DVD to TV.

In the short search I did, I found all kinds of info about flashing and control panels, but most sounded unnecessary and didnt seem like they would fix this particular issue. I am using the driver off the cd (5.12.1). Has anybody else run into this issue?
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Dont use the drivers from the cd...

Try this one here, I believe it is the latest;
I just thought I would update this now that I figured it out...

I updated my drivers and had the same issues. I did some searching and found some work arounds on www.thegreenbutton.com but none of them worked for me. There was a mention of updating the OS, so I looked into it. Turns out that going to windows update doesnt provide you with all the updates you may need. I searched and found an update to Rollup 2 from July 2006, which I would think should be installed when updating my machine (which I frequently do). I installed it and what'da ya know -- it fixed the issue I was having. Funny thing is that it says nothing of the fix in the release notes.

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