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Changing direction of subwoofer made a difference

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I have a paradigm servo 15 and have had it for years. It has been in the same location for years as it is the only location I can really use. About a week ago, just for fun, I kept the subwoofer in the same location but instead of firing it into the room I moved the subwoofer 90 degrees and had the cone firing into the back of the room (it is about 5 feet from the back wall and now the cone fires towards the back wall instead of into the room). This has added a lot more authority to the sound without making the bass boomy, which is what happened when I tried to place it in the corner. Anybody else ever notice the same thing? I re ran audessey thinking well maybe it is just running "hot" right now but even after audessey it still had more bottom end. I don't pretend to understand room acoustics 100% but it was just eye opening how such a small change can impact the sound of your sub.
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Frohlich now that you mention that I kept my stacked MFW-15's in the same location but laid them on their sides. This put the drivers closer to each other and the floor. This did change the sound for me for the better just goes to show like you said that even a few inches of movement can alter the sound. My system is living room placed and limited in placement so this was great for me especially for the WAF ingredient!
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I have two Sub 12's with one at the front of the room facing right and one 2/3 back facing the back of the room and they sound great. I tried it with the sub facing me but did not get anywhere near the same response. Once I finish my HT room I will be playing with the placement a lot more, as well as doing a proper eq'ing and then see where I'm at.
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