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Chankast! (Dreamcast emulator)

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Since we have some Dreamcast fans here, I figured some would like to know this...

Chankast, the new Dreamcast emulator has been released! It is a very early alpha, and only plays a couple things, but the potential is great. Personally, I use my HTPC for alot of emulation, because I am a firm believer that even though a game is old, that doesn't make it not worth playing. I just don't want to devote that much space to 20 different consoles in my living room :) As such, I love it when any system gets emulated properly, so I can throw the original system in a box (or put it on display) and just run it on my HTPC instead. Not having to find the media to play the game is also a bonus (same reason I crack very PC game I own).

Minimum proc required is about 2.0ghz, and if this follows classic emualation, it will require about a 4.0ghz to emulate everything at full speed down the line. Now to upgrade my HTPC, and start the tedious task of dropping all my DC games to my HDD. :)

Now if only Jaguar emulation would pick up some steam...

(sidenote - please, don't turn this thread into an arguement of the morality/legality of emulation. emulators themselves are not strictly illegal, and as such, what people do with them that is piracy related is none of my concern.)
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Runs 30-40fps on my P4 3.4....what is truely amazing is that no HLE code was used in programming this emu...
which makes my 4.0ghz speed guess pretty accurate. after optimizations you should be able to get 30fps on a 2.0ghz, making a 4.0 get 60fps. psx emulation is an excellent example of this. about a 600mhz machine was required to get 60fps early on, but later you could get 60fps on a 400mhz proc. this falls in line with most emus, where it requires about 20x the original proc speed to emulate properly.

HLE really shouldnt be required much anyway, as the DC is a very PC-like system to begin with.
I get a Control/IO error every time as it tries to load a game [ tried about 20 different DC games ] .

-------- Jason
pimp - do you have the dc_bios.bin and dc_flash.bin files (the bios)? they are required, and can be gotten off your favorite p2p proggy. they should be exactly 2MB and 128KB respectively. it also only works on winXP and win2003. no win9x or win2000.

if it doesn't work after checking these possible problems, then it's an alpha :) give it a couple more releases.
darklordjames ,

-- Yeah I have all the needed files [ grabbed a bios from 1 of my DC's using the BB adapter trick ] . I am using WinXP Pro . I do get the DC console itself to come up , I just cannot run any games [ even tried Guilty Gear X since they show a pic of it running but I get nothing ] . It does seem to have good potential and it would be great if they get it fully functional [ maybe even toss in some DX accel eventually ;) ] .

---------- Jason
the forums over at http://www.ngemu.com would be the next place to look if you are determined to get this to work, but i pretty much already covered everything :) i think you'll just have to wait till the next release.
Pimp, are your games self-boot? They have to be...
-- Seems I am not alone according to the forums at ngemu . I guess the main thing here is it is still very early and very few games actually run [ can't wait for future releases ;) ] .

LewisD ,

-- yep , I tried it with self-booters only .
I have a whole bunch of games (self-boot) on CD's. What burning software are you using to transfer them back to your PC as ISO's to mount with D-tools?

It would be nice if you could play your games from the CD's so you don't have to rip them back to your PC.

by the way... version 2.5 was just released.

(EDIT) I just played with version 2.5 and I am able to play backup games from the DVD-ROM tray. I had to install the aspi drivers ver. 471 and 460 from the adaptec site to make it work though. I was able to start Dino Crisis, the game was running too fast, then froze after 2 minutes or so.

It is not perfect, but it is a great start.:D
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