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Channel 11 yagi dimensions

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As one of the many who have lost stations with the digital transition, I thought I would post a fairly successful yagi design. I lost channels 11 and 13 when they were reassigned from UHF to VHF range. This antenna gets channel 11 easily, over a distance of about 50 miles I believe, over flat terrain without many, if any, large buildings in the way. Lots of trees, though. I picked up channel 13 in two scans, but never well enough to actually play or watch. I built the antenna it to channel 11 and got the dimensions by using K7MEM's website ( http://www.k7mem.*********/Electroni.../yagi_vhf.html ), using DL6WU for no particular reason, and plugging in non-metal boom and element diameter of .1" (9 ga. aluminum wire). The boom is a 1"x1" tomato stake. I wanted a short boom, so the website warned me that it was too short. My construction was hasty and inexact, which should cheer people up, so I doubt that I actually cut precisely to the measurements below.

Next I will either try an antenna tuned to channel 13, or in between 11 and 13, or go to a longer boom with more directors. I hope this will help others who are looking to get VHF reception, and if you have suggestions for me please let me know.

Dimensions: First, cumulative spacing of elements beginning with reflector at 0"


Driven element-11 7/8" from reflector

Director-16 /5/16 from reflector

Director-26 15/16" from reflector

Director-39 11/16" from reflector

Next: Element length:


Driven element-28 13/16" (folded over in flattened loop w/ approx. 1" diameter, so total length approx. 60")

Director-26 13/16"

Director-26 5/8"

Director-26 3/8"

This is a very homely antenna that seems to work at its intended frequency. I haven't tried it in varying weather conditions. Good luck, and thanks to all who have posted their findings, knowledge, and experiments over the past couple of years.
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