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Currently have a nice L/R, Center setup with Triad Silver in-walls as surround channels 4 and 5. The room is rather large - so I have a full 11-12 feet behind the seating area (seating area is 11.5 feet from screen). Channel 4/5 surrounds are about 3 feet behind (and 1.5 feet above) seating area.

Seeking thoughts about adding another set of in wall surrounds on the back wall. I know that most blurays are not true 7.1 - but was wondering if, given my layout it would be a noticeable and positive addition. Channel 6/7 wiring is already installed (for budget reasons decided to wait and revisit the in wall surround speaker purchase). Could save the $$ and put it toward a PJ upgrade in a year or two.

So seeking thoughts from those that have added the additional rear surrounds.


Pioneer Elite 25 AVR, Elite BD, Epson8500UB, DaLite HCCV 106",
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