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Sorry guys to put this question here, I also have it in the DIY section but since its an amplifier question I thought I would ask it here as well. Here it is.

Ok so as some of you may know I set up my inuke3000 today and hooked up a Martycube to it and was expecting one thing and got another. It seemed like it was lacking power. I tried many different settings and some of the folks here walked me others and it got better but still not as loud as I expected. So after playing around some more tonight I notice on the setup page that the meter for the B channel input and output is about 1/2 the amount of the A Channel meter. So I thought that maybe the wire was bad, switched the wire and the same problem with the B channel. My receiver has dual subwoofer outputs which are plugged into the inuke using XLR to RCA cables. I thought that maybe that maybe the output on my receiver is bad so I switched between the subwoofer outputs on the receiver and nothing. No matter what combination I set, it seems that Channel B on the receiver is getting less input. I have my 1 subwoofer connected to channel B. I plan on having 2 but for right now I have only 1. When I switched the subwoofer to channel A output on the amplifer the volume got significantly higher with the gains all set the same. Any idea why the ampliers B channel might be getting less signal than the A channel? The wires I am using have a row of arrows going from XLR to RCA, almost as if indicating that they are one-way wires and the signal should be going the other way from RCA to XLR. Could this be it?

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