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Channel Bugs and HD or DVD w/no bugs?

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I've been thinking about this a bit-

I've found that given the choice I am starting to prefer a good quality DVD w/no channel bugs over watching HD w/channel bugs. Case in point- The 26 part anime series "Noir" on INHD. Yes, in HD it looks quite impressive, but the DVD is quite good, and doesn't have the two damn annoying "INHD" (right) and the god awful, huge "Anime Network" (left). So instead of taping it, I decided to go out and buy the DVD.

Same goes for network shows like Smallville, etc. Don't have to deal with both Channel and network bugs on DVD.

Wondering how other people feel about this?
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Also sometimes with HD you get audio dropout or pixel glitch, even when they last only a split second it can totally throw you out of an important scene. Very distracting at times.
Very good point.

I hate these bugs...Not only distracting, but also potentially damaging to some displays.

The drag with DVDs... is that sometimes, they put too much on each disc, and so compression is quite evident on large displays.

I also agree that 2 bugs is just obsurd. Got that on our local LA FOX station...with FOX on the right and... FOX - 11, KTTV - DT - LOS ANGELES on the left...as you can imagine the local bug is HUGE...and bright white!

Many emails to them have had no effect.

The only network I am pleased with is ABC...The bug is very translucent and not too big.
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Yeah, I hate KTTV's bug too. I don't know why it's still there; it's not like the channel is experimental anymore. KNBC had their local bug up two times before for a short period; one time their bug had a rectangular outline that was probably caused by a not so seamless logo creation. KTLA does have their bug up at certain times, they tend to switch from SD to two variations of HD at times. KCBS and KABC gets nods for not letting the local logo get in the way of network programming. For ABC stations on SD, its common practice to go from the local bug to the national bug when coming back from commercials, I have yet to see this happen on the HD channel.
Why do local stations even bother showing local bugs on network programming anway? They don't get more money from it. Besides, the channel number often doesn't match the one for cable or DT. The only place a local bug belongs is during local news.

When I'm watching a network show, I don't want ANYTHING local to get in the way. When I watch Fox, I watch Fox, period. I don't want to be reminded constantly that I'm watching it from WFFF in Burlington, WUHF in Rochester, WNYW in New York, WJBK in Detroit, WFXT in Boston, WUTV in Buffalo, KCPQ in Seattle, or KTTV in Los Angeles.

The worst I've seen for local bugs is WDIV in Detroit, an NBC affiliate. I think they pay someone full-time just to place their "Local 4" bug during live network promos!
WTVH-TV CBS 5 in Syracuse, NY puts their local bug on the SD ANALOG channel during network programming. Now how many people there are complaining? It's not just an HD thing.
Originally posted by foxfan
The worst I've seen for local bugs is WDIV in Detroit, an NBC affiliate. I think they pay someone full-time just to place their "Local 4" bug during live network promos!
Actually it's done via a computer at the network that sends a signal to the local station's keyer to pop on at the appropriate time. The local master control operator doesn't even have to touch it.
When HD-DVD finally shows up, the only broadcast HD I'll watch is sports.

And maybe some PBS, but that's about it. If they won't get rid of the bugs...I won't watch.

Not because of burn-in......just on principle, and the fact that I HATE channel bugs.
Ditto. I hate channel bugs and will often not watch a program that looks interesting because of it. I ordered the Horatio Hornblower shows on DVD because I cannot bring myself to watch A&E with the bugs and on-air promos ("coming up next!" ... "you are watching Horatio Hornblower" .... and so forth).
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