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Dear all -

I have an old Onkyo A-RV400 amplifier (from 1992) which continues to work well with CDs/DVDs (all I use it for now)... except for one frustrating issue.

Sometimes when CDs are played at low volume, the right channel cuts out completely. It usually comes back when I raise the volume significantly, though sometimes I have to turn off the system and wait a minute.

I had thought this was a speaker/cable issue, but think that I've eliminated that possibility by swapping around the two speakers and cables. It seems like the problem is with the amplifier itself, either the speaker terminals/connectors for the right channel or something more internal.

I've tried to clean out the terminals with some rubbing alcohol solution in case there was a corrosion issue -- doesn't seem to have helped.

This has been happening for a few years, but I haven't dealt with it properly as it's more of a nuisance than anything. But quite a nuisance! Also, this seems like a general troubleshooting issue, but since the amplifier seems to be the source of the problem, I'm posting to this Onkyo forum.

Thanks for any ideas!
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