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Channel Guide is empty

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Any help appreciated:

My channel guide is empty. My phone line still works to the unit (I attached a phone to check). From what I can tell everything should be working (and it has for quite awhile - over a year).

How do I force a redial? Any other suggestions?

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1) go into menu and see if you have any messages about connection problems...this will give you an idea what's going on...exit out of the menu

2) hit 2-4-3 then the replay zones button, this will take you to a menu...choose clear channel guide (this will reboot the system)

3) after it comes back up it will tell you go go into setup...ignore this and hit 2-4-3 replay zones again...this time choose net connect...this will force the unit to dial in...i would watch the connection to make sure it goes ok...if this doesn't work you may have to try different phone numbers
It worked perfectly, thanks very much! It turned out to be the phone number I was using didn't provide a connection any more. Interestingly even though my guide was empty, the unit thought its guide data "up to date" so I had to force a connection. In any case all is well now. Thanks again for your help!

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