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Hi all:

EDIT: I have confirmed with Rogers that my channel lineup had not changed

as of the date of this original post. It is not due to change until at least the end

of January, in this neighbourhood. As for the loss of TVGOS data, that persists.

I now cannot even get the DVDR to recognize a host channel using analog

cable. I am researching this heavily, and will post any further developments.

For the last 2 or 3 months, I had my Sony RDR-HX900 working perfectly with

Rogers Digital Cable in Toronto.

I was getting accurate TVGuide Onscreen data with the DVDR hooked up to

the output from the set-top box. Channel 12, or 812, was my host channel.

I read boatloads of threads and instructions on how to properly configure the

DVDR for TVGOS downloads.

That is, until Rogers just recently changed the channel lineup. Now, instead,

I seem to be getting almost completely inaccurate program guide data.

Channels mappings are way off-for example, TVOntario is labelled as channel

19. I think in many cases, the channel listings reflect old, over-the-air channel

lineups or some kind of bizarre mixture of this that and the other thing.

Of course, calls to Rogers about this are like talking with a brick wall. And

Sony is not much better.

Is anyone else using a device with TVGuide Onscreen program guide on

Rogers Digital in or near Toronto? If so, would you please be so kind as to

share with us what your host channel is? Is anyone else having similar

problems starting just recently, with the changes in channel lineup?

My recorder is just confused beyond belief now that Rogers has changed

their lineup, and I want my EPG back.

Thanks in advance.


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EDIT: After much hunting for info., it was apparently a problem at Rogers Cable.

Thankfully, I seem to be getting guide data consistently again. Now let's see if

I can continue that success using a connection from the digital cable box.

Okay, after calls to Rogers, CBLFT and Gemstar, and a few days later, my

TVGOS channel listings are coming in properly again. I don't know whether it's

that "switch" they clicked at CBLFT or not, but at least I'm getting listings

on analog.

I'll know try adding channel 812 to the channel lineup, and then switching

the input back to the digital box again to see if I can get listings again

from the digital box.

Either way, I hope I can narrow down what the problem is, so that

this doesn't happen too often.

thanks to those kind folks at CBLFT who returned my calls promptly,

and looked into the matter. Let's hope things work for a while...

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