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channel mapping problem on DST-3000

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The digital KNBC Los Angeles station suddenyl stopped showing up as "4-1" in the program guide. It now shows up only as "36-1".

Is this a KNBC problem, or is there someway I can tell the DST-3000 to remap it as 4-1?
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My MIT unit is doing the same thing as of SaT. They say that there is a problem with the software and there will be a fix downloaded. Who know when.


Adam Licht
This started happening to my DST-3000 on 2 of my 4 digital Sacramento channels after I recently re-scanned my locals. Since I began receiving programming info ("PSIP") at the same time that the re-mapping problem occured, I suspect the issue has something to do with a recent update (by DirecTV I assume) made to the provide programming guide for digital channels.

My channels used to all map correctly, but none of them contained programming info on the APG (they all said "Regular Schedule" all the time). Now, they do the following:

FOX: correctly maps to the analog channel (dig. 55 maps to 40-1) and shows programming info

ABC: works correctly, same as FOX (dig 61 maps to 10-1)

NBC: dig 35 used to map to 3-1 with no programming info. Now it won't map to 3-1, but "35-1" does show programming info.

CBS: dig 25 still maps to 13-1, but only 25-1 shows programming info. 13-1 still says "regular schedule".

Any PSIP gurus out there with some insight???

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