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Channel Master 4228 vs. 4248

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All I can say is WOW....what a difference.....at least on the analog signals. The winner (in my case) is the 4248. Your milage may vary, but the 4248 pulled in signals MUCH better than 4228. I was even picking up a UHF station from Hartford, CT (about 60+ miles away) through my house! I was on the back deck and the direction it needed to point was towards the street.

Granted I didn't have time to check the digital stations, but I will get around to that tomorrow night. I have a samsung SIR-T151 receiver and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like you can just tune into a channel and check the signal meter. I've been told I have to do a channel scan and then it should work. The problem is that I'm a one man operation and I can't hold the antenna while pushing buttons on the remote. I'll have to get some help to test the digital stations.

What are other people's experience with the 4228/4248? ANyone besides atechfabrication test these two straight up? I'd like to hear other inputs.
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Since I had the pleasure of installing one of each on a Fellow AVS member's house and currently use the 4228 on my house, I'll give my 2 cents:) In my experience, the 4248 will give a higher signal then the 4228, but there is a trade off, it is VERY directional and it can in certain situations pick up signals from a 2nd location when you really DON'T want them and cause interference, other then that, the 4248 is a winner in my book. I use the 4228 on my house and have ZERO problems with it, the nice thing about the 4228 is that since it is not as directional as the 4248, I can leave it pointed in one direction and do not need to use the rotor, I actually disconnected the rotor and put the controller away (one less thing for clutter in my home theater :) )

Now for the results, the other forum member lives approx 3 miles north of me with the 4248 and cannot get some of the same channels that I get without a preamp, so the story goes this way, your mileage may vary with each of these antennas, you just need to try them at your location.

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I had a 4228 and got good signal strength, but getting brief dropouts 4-5 times an hour. I replaced it with a Yagi, and this seems to have eliminated the dropouts. My new yagi is a Televes DAT75, but my understanding is that yagis are generally more directional - usually a good thing.

Regarding the comment that the higher signal of a 4248 could cause a problem with interference from a more distant station: if someone has this problem, remember any signal can be attenuated with a $10 device from Radio Shack - this might solve such a problem.
i have a 4228 and have had more success than with an RS element type of antenna. i do get dropouts but only during fast moving scene transitions, which i understand is a bandwidth issue, not an antenna issue.
Brian.... Ironic I called that place in Wosrster and you just left there last week. Hope you are having good luck with the new antenna. My drop in signal has stopped. Ice has melted. I will try to raise this 4228 and see if I can lock on 4, 5, and 9 in bad weather. I just hope I can get 7. Next step is your other recommendation and change antennas.... Keep us posted on your reception......... Frank
I finally had a chance to try out the 4248. So far, so good. I was able to pick up PBS out of Bost on and Springfield as well as ABC out of Boston. This was with the 4248 at a height of 46'. I still need to get up to around 80' to clear the tons of trees in my yard. As a data point, at 36', I got nothing, at 46' I got those channels.

I will be returning the 4228 tomorrow morning.

fran112233 - the guy at Stark told me someone called just after I left the store one day. He said that you mentioned someone like me. it's a small world. Where exactly are you? If you need help, let me know.

I'm in Leominster and I get the Boston network channels but no GBH. How do you get PBS?
Well, PBS is on the same tower, so direction is not an issue. They are higher power than most of the stations, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I guess I don't know why you aren't getting PBS. Try rescanning the channels with the HD receiver. Maybe try to get it out of Springfield.
I recently took down my 4248 and put a 4228 in its place. The 4248 was not able to lock in WCVB-20 from my rooftop in the Worcester hills.

The 4228 did the trick! I can now lock in digital 2,4,5,7,25,38 now without drop outs. The big test will be in the spring when all my leaves come back. I had issues with foliage blocking my signal when using the 4248.

If any AV locals want my 4248, your welcome to it - free of charge. Drop me a line...

Originally posted by fourml8r
i have a 4228 and have had more success than with an RS element type of antenna. i do get dropouts but only during fast moving scene transitions, which i understand is a bandwidth issue, not an antenna issue.
I don't have either of these antennas, but i have questions regarding your bandwidth statement. I have an approx 10' long uhf/vhf antenna mounted in the attic, with a RS amplifier.

I live with a mountain range between me and the Spokane, WA ABC DT (kxly) on channel 13--the only DT station i get. I just bought my first HDTV receiver--a Samsung 160. I get analog kxly fairly good--no reflections, but lots of snow. On the DT side, my 160 meter peaks at 100% for quite an arc movement. BUT, i get a fair amount of pixelation, almost always NOT from program material, except MNF, which has a lot of saturated graphics, but from the local advertisements or from their news.

1. Do dropouts and my pixelation problem relate in any way to my antenna/antenna position?

2. I never have seen any pixelations viewing HDNet or HBO HD, so i'm thinking the processor in the 160 does not have a problem with bandwidth, but could it have one for the ABC DT station??

3. Last night during Armagetton (sp) movie on ABC DT, there was 1 time a saw pixelation during the movie, but quite a few times during the ads. I'm kinda new to this, so i don't know what to expect. Is my 160 not working correctly???

thanks for the help

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