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Channel Master 4228

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I'm getting ready to purchase a Channel Master 4228. I haven't heard to much about this particular model. All I've hear is that Channel Master makes good products. Is this true? Looking for honest opinions out there. I need a Medium directional antennae, figured this will do. I live in Fowlerville, MI. Hope to pick up Detroit stations.
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Check out my note in the Local Channel forum on this very topic: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=134343

photo included!
Oops! photo is in this forum in the "Post your antenna" thread:

What station don't you get? I'm concerned because I'm even further away than you are.
WB20 and Ch. 50 and Ch. 7 get flaky sometimes - lots of signal strength variation while watching. CBS, PBS and NBC are rock-solid.
I use the CM 4228 with very good results. I also use the CM Titan2 preamp (7775) and the remote-controlled rotor. Mine is in the attic.
jsb_hburg - How far away are you from the signal source? I assume you couldn't be to far away since your antennae is located in the attic.
My location from the towers ranges 6 to 20 miles. I will be taking it outside eventually to try for Baltimore to get my missing ABC station since the local ABC station is about a year away at least.

Hope this helps...
I have a CM 4221 (half a 4228, if you will). Stations (four) are 26 miles away - signals in the 80's. No pre-amp, antenna in attic. Hope this helps. HNick
I too use a 4228 to receive a dozen OTA digitals that are about 35 miles and a lot of hills away. Getting high 80's to low 90's without any preamp or rotor. It sits on a 3' tall tripod mast atop the roof. I suspect it would work nearly as well installed in the attic.

Solid product. Local price is $63 (Schrad in San Jose). The last time I called them they had several hundred in stock and should be able to ship anywhere in the lower 48 via UPS - just remind them that Channle Masters' website says it is UPS shippable.

I purchased my 4228 about a year ago from Warren Electronics for about $70, including shipping and the cost of two 18-inch wall mounts. For just the antenna, you can get it delivered for a little over $60...


I'm 45 miles away from the towers and received 95 percent signal strength when my local DTV station was testing in January. Probably based partly on my success, they are now only using one of the three tubes on their transmitter and I consistently get in mid-80s once the transmitter has been on a few hours. I also pick up 15 local analog channels, including two VHF channels that come come in very strongly.

My 4228 is mounted on the side of my house, about 15 feet above ground level, with a 15-foot lead wire running into the house and then another 10-foot coax cable running to my Dish 6000. I don't have any pre-amps or amplifiers in the loop.

Good replies...thanx. I'm going to stick with the ChannelMaster 4228....I think.

Next question is......How do you find what your distance is from the transmitters? ChannelMaster says this antennae is good for 60 miles. I'm probably (guessing) right at or possibly even more than 60 miles, but not sure.
http://www.antennaweb.org doesn't tell you distance, it just told me I need a medium directional antennae.

go to Services and then Free Contour Maps (1st one on the list)

Enter your zip code

Be sure DT is selected under service filter, clear out others except for TV (analog)

Be sure LIC, CP, STA, NEW and CP MOD are selected

Then submit query

good luck...
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That's a neat tool to use. Thanks for the link.
Is that ardman.net link broken now? I click on the Free Coverage link and it repeats the page inside a smaller frame.

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