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Just realized that if I keep going down my distribute-VGA route to all TVs, I'll have to put a 2" hole in the floor to get the VGA cable plus audio through. While I'm okay with this, I think I'll also run a test with modulated RF output combined with my cable signal to see how that looks. If it's "good enough", it's much less invasive. I've read tons of posts, wonder if anyone here has done anything like this and can validate some thoughts before I buy.

Note: I live in Oakland, with standard analog cable from 2->60, digital cable from 120->591.

For the modulation route, I'll need:

1) ChannelVision E-1200 modulator: To modulate input to a particular channel. I was thinking 90 since it's a long way from 60, which is my high channel.

2) ChannelVision 3102-78 filter: To block out upper channels

3) ChannelVision HS-2 combiner

Q2: Will that 3102-78 block out my digital cable channels above 78? Or just the analog, of which I have none above 78.

Q3: Due to low-power signal from the cable company, I currently have the inbound cable go through a RadioShack 4-way amp&splitter, with 1 run to my HTPC.

Should I also get a powered 2-way splitter? I'd run from:

Cable Company drop->


- Combiner which would also have the HTPC->filter->modulator line coming in.

Combiner would then go to powered 4-way splitter for distribution to TVs around house.

Is this right?
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