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a few weeks ago I had an idea here in Germany. I am really addicted to CRTs. So within a year I gathered some of them. Two Barco 701 (one with burned blue but nice to watch movies and gaming, the other one snowy white tubes but no air bubble in the tubes - both with HD6ml) and one Sony 1272 (mint). And there will be soon more and better ones as soon as my very very small budget allows.

I am improving my home theater with my 1272 so what to do with the other CRTs?????

I have a lot of fun in my home theater, and I want to share that with not so gifted people! My idea is to "donate" my two 701. For sure, there is (for example) no children hospital that can build a theater themselves. Here are coming the local members of our world wide comunity of homtheater freaks into play. We all have equipment that we don´t use anymore. And if you are like me, you are toooo lazy to sell anything. And more important: The knowledge to build something great out of nothing than old audio audio video components. So if some people of the same region can find a place (like a hospital for sick children) to put their stuff together to a small gaming and movie room - thats what I am talking about!

Can you feeeel what it´s about?

Let me begin for region of the greater surroundings of Munich:

- I offer at least one Barco 701 and a yuv progessiv scan DVD player which the Barco takes directly - for double scan DVD playback and one of my many gaming consoles (I can´t afford new ones, but I have lots of old ones)

As you professionals know, we need a little more:

- A recommendations for an institution that needs a little "light" and can provide a room

- an old stereo amplifier and two speakers

- perhaps hushbox - because CRTs are nothing to play with

- ideas, time and knowhow / helping hand

- white wall colour to paint a wall as a screen (I should have one somewhere down in my basement)

- more audio and video stuff

Please post your thoughts how such things could be brought into life. How that can be realized the easiest way and so on. And I you live in my region, a bit more....

Perhaps you can find people in your region for a similar project - just post it.

Best regards and thanks for your time

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