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Chat with legendary loudspeaker engineer Laurie Fincham (THX, Harman, KEF, et al)

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Here is my chat with an absolute legend in the audio community, Laurie Fincham. I am sharing here because I think it is important to learn from a master in their field who have decades of experience to teach from. The topics covered here I truly believe are helpful for us all to learn a bit more and gain some insight in to how a loudspeaker engineer views them. The number of things Laurie has invented, designed and/or headed in his years as an engineer at Celstion, Kef, Harman and THX are staggering and having the privilege to be able to talk to him so openly and even call him a friend is just incredible. Such a humble man, too. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.

Laurie doesn't participate on forums so he won't see this post, so please take the time to leave a comment on the video for Mr. Fincham thanking him for taking time to answer your questions.

Note: as with all my "interview" type videos, this video is not monetized by me so if ads run then that is purely on YouTube's doing.

I just want to again thank Laurie for joining me. If you any questions for a future video feel free to post it in the comments section.

0:00 - Introduction
05:57 - Ports and Passive Radiators
12:06 - History in Car Audio
27:20 - Distortion
45:53 - Impedance
51:11 - Low vs High Sensitivity Speakers
59:47 - End
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