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okay, i thought i wasnt allowed putting up links but on the link it says

Acoustically transparent screens allow placement of your center channel directly behind the screen and into the wall for superior sound quality and accuracy. You can certainly get this screen and not place speakers behind it but it sure is a HUGE bonus.

Why, you ask?

A Da-Lite screen using acoustically transparent high contrast material (just like ours) retails for $1557. Have a look... Check out dalite.com and Look under HDTV Format, 52 x 92 (106 Diagonal), High Contrast Audio Vision, in the very last column. There it is - $1557!

Also check out Draper retail pricing at draperinc.com and Scroll ALL the way to the bottom until you see the chart labeled Cineperm with AT1200/AT Grey, under 16:9 HDTV format for 106 and you'll see a price of $2232!

One Acoustically Transparent, Permanently Fixed,

16:9, 106" Diagonal HD Projection Screen

Physical Size: 56" x 96"

Image Size: 52" x 92"

Gain: 0.9

Easily Assembles in Minutes!

Simply Secure Black Aluminum Frame together, Clip Screen Material into place and Install to a Wall with included Hardware.

Matte White High Contrast Screen Surface Optimizes Brilliant Color allowing Ultra Vibrant Images.

Perfectly Flat Viewing Surface

Acoustically Transparent Material permits Installation of Speakers directly behind viewing surface and into the wall - just like a real Movie Theater!

Modern, Sleek, High Quality Frame absorbs Projector Overscan

Screen Material may be easily cleaned

Superior Quality from a Leading Manufacturer under our independent branding to bring down the price for the exclusive eBay marketplace.
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