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Cheap 36" display with multiple S-Video inputs?

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I am looking for a non-HD 36" display with multiple S-video inputs. Most seam to have 1 component, 1 s-video, and 1 composite. Not enough for cleanly wiring up a lot of stuff.

I already have a dedicated home theatre in the basement, so I have no desire to pay more than I have to on my family room TV. But I would like to be able to switch between components easily.

Does anyone know of a model that has a lot of inputs? I would rather not spend more than $1000.


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Fry's has the Toshiba 36HF72 on sale for $799 couple weeks ago. It is 36" HDTV. It has 2 components, 3 S-Video/composite inputs (2 rear, 1 front). It might be a close-out sale, as this is Y'02 model.
Thanks, I will look for a Toshiba dealer locally and see what they have to offer. Maybe Toshiba is more generous with their inputs. The Sony kv36fs100 and 210 only had 1 s-video input in the back, unless the back panel diagram was incorrect? Maybe I should of crawled behind the TV but I figured I could trust the diagram. Didn't think Sony would skimp, even though it is there cheaper model.
Good luck finding a nonHD model with more than one S-Video in.

I couldn't.

Originally posted by cdcooker
Fry's has the Toshiba 32HF72 on sale for $799 couple weeks ago. It is 36" HDTV.
Doesn't the model number suggest a 32" model?
A small switching box to connect your various components to would expand your tv selection greatly. Only a 20-30 dollar drop in the bucket there.
I bought the Sony 32" with only one "S" video. My DirecTivo and DVD have S outputs, no component. Naturally I connected the satellite to the S jack, but found the picture better coming in through the 'ol coax input. Less of a "washed out" look. So, the DVD is on the S video and looks fine.

The KV-36FV310 has two S video in the back, but a $1200 price tag. The same model in 32" will have both S video also if you think you can settle for a 32".
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