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Cheap 8" Sub idea

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I was looking through many posts of pics on here of peoples home theaters and saw there were a lot of stages. I was wondering if there would be a benefit of having a row of 8" subwoofers built into the stage across the room facing the viewers as opposed to one or two 12" or 15" subs. The reason I thought of this is because Elemental Designs is going to release a $15 8" sub under their EHQS line. Grills would have to be put on them so people wouldn't kick them when they stepped up on to the stage of course. What do you guy's think of this idea?
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Lots of 8" subs could go loud, but won't go any lower then a single 8" (without equalization). You might do some nifty things if you EQ'd them though. AT $15 a pop, you could get ten of these for less then the cost of a single TC-1000.

Kind of reminds me of the age old question; who would win in a fight - a German Shepard or a German Shepard's weight in Chuahahs?
Buying 10 of them would not be a problem, but if it didn't work out that well, what would I do with 10 8" subs? I'm not creative enough to devise a plan for 10 of them.

Originally Posted by TXGC /forum/post/0

How would you power 10 of them?

With a single amp.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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