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Cheap A/V Stand. where can I find one?

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I wasnt sure where to post this topic, so hopefully it is ok in here.

Basically I am looking for an A/V stand that can hold 3-4 components vertically. I want something narrow so I can put it in the corner of a bedroom and not to high.

Most stands that look comparable to what I want are to expensive. $200+ I really only want to spend $100 max on a stand, but I dont want the thing to be hideous.

I am looking for something comparable to this but without wheels. I prefer glass but if its w/o glass that is fine


Or something like this but its a TV stand and a little to wide however. i just need it for components, no TV


Where can I find an A/V rack if at all possible that is decent and looks good for this price range?

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Also: This
How about this:

or this:

I have several of the black ones. I switch the top and bottom shelf. With the top shelf as the bottom shelf, it looks less like a microwave stand.

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you'll have to check to see if the build quality meets your standards, but target and walmart actually have a pretty good selection of stands for good prices. one thing to note about the links posted so far is that they don't have any means of hiding the cables. some of those types of stands have a solid vertical panel running down the middle of the back so you can hiding the cable runs from shelf to shelf.
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