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I'm looking to replace my HK AVR125 with a new unit that has:


Extendable IR


5.1 is fine

This will drive:

Def Tech PC1000

Def Tech PM1000x2

Def Tech PM 800x2

CSW sub (to be replaced either at same time as receiver or shortly afterwards)



Preaty much closed in with one standard doorway and one double with doorway, both open/no doors.


80% tv - sitcom, sports, etc

10% music - all types

10% movies

I was looking at entry level Marantz slim line, Denon, or Yamaha but I am not partial to any brand over another.

I'm open to used and refurb.

I'd like to keep this below $300 since I just unloaded most of my budget on the Def Tech speakers.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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