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Cheap Marquee lighting for your screen!

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Here is an idea I recently used. Purchase some cheap clear rope lighting from Home Depot and some extra mounting clips. My screen frame is 74 x 106 (30 feet around perimeter) so I purchased a 12 footer and an 18 footer and joined them together. Purchased about 60 extra clips (only a few come in the rope package). Attached the rope to the front side of the frame around the perimeter with a clip every 6 inches. Really looks cool and the cost is under $30. Shuts off and on with a single pole 120V switch (actually I used a IR controlled lutron spacer dimmer for about $50). Draws attention to the screen and I shut it off as the movie starts. Really adds something to the looks.
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I have seen this done with a few member's screens....and you are right...a low cost modification with classy results!
Many pictures of ropelighting on my site:
You attached the ropelight to the front of the screen frame? Why?

I've seen rope light put behind the screen frame on a dimmer that makes a cool looking effect and makes perceived blacks darker. But I don't fully understand attaching rope lighting to the front of the frame.

For "wow" appeal when folks come over to see movies, of course! :D

see Bixbe's theater - you'll understand!
The rope lights around the screen and under the "screen stage" are shut off during viewing. You could indeed place the lights on the edge perimeter but my screen abuts the ceiling. The frame is 12" above the top of the viewing surface (a 4 way Stewert Electromasked) and I don't want to lower the screen even just the little bit more it would take so the lights could clear the ceiling. By mounting on the front perimeter all lights are visible from all seats. The lights are to focus attention to the screen when you walk in, just like the exit signs which show you how to leave. The room goes black when a movie is on, just the yellow rope lights on the stairs and around the risor.
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