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Cheap (used) home audio setup

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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for a cheap audio system for my current setup. I have a 47" Vizio TV with a PS3 and a PS3 media server.

I was looking at the Logitech Z-5500, I think they are a great bang for the buck. I want something like that, unless you guys know that for $100 more I get something way better.

I currently use the Z-2300 for my pc and it sounds awesome IMO. I know there is MUCH better out there but I pad $99 for these.

So please help me find a good system on a budget. I am a Kijiji whore by the way. I will consider buying amp and speaker seperately as well. And the wife says they MUST look good and the sub needs to be hidden. I have included two pictures to show you our layout. don't mind the mess

Main reason for buying: Movies & Music. Games not so much (no time).

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Now, on to your question:

The Z-5500 is or was replaced by a newer model, the Z-906, you can read about that here:

It looks to be essentially identical, but I'm thinking it brings more total inputs than the Z-5500.

In that same price range, Sony has some HTIB packages that will do audio via HDMI, and that provide HDMI switching (some of them also have Blu-ray players, I doubt that's of interest to you though).

See here:

And here:
http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/sto...specifications (I have no idea what the biggest differences are, if any - the first one says it decodes TrueHD and the like, while the second one handles LPCM, either way that's "good" - the speakers may be better on the second one).

I would probably lean towards one of those systems, especially if aesthetics are important, but everyone's taste is different (personally I think that the black speakers will match your TV and furniture better than the silver Logitech speakers, but what do I know). The other reason I'd lean towards those systems is the HDMI audio support, which will simplify connections.

If you want to move above the $300-$400 range, I would start looking at receivers from Denon, Yamaha, Sony, and Pioneer; and a speaker solution that fits with your budget and aesthetic requirements (the sky really is the limit with speakers).
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in the sub $300 range, two factory refurbished HTiB's from a factory authorized dealer.

Onkyo HT-S3400 and HT-S5400
http://www.accessories4less.com/make...Package/1.html (passive subwoofer)
http://www.accessories4less.com/make.../iphone/1.html (active subwoofer)

If you are the least bit worried about a refurb, AC4L has very reasonably priced extended warranties to cover any problems.

You can subscribe to threads without replying, simply go up to "Thread Tools" on the top right-hand side, select that, and from the drop-down, select "Subscribe to this Thread."

I learned something new today!

I am not sure if they practice this over in USA (I would think they do too), you could try your local electronics stores and see if they have any display units for sale, usually the older models. If they are selling a new model, be a little bit suspicious and ask why they are selling it.

I find the AVRs as quite safe to purchase the display sets. Just make sure the remote control is in good condition.

Speakers are also quite safe but you have to check that it works fine. Some of them have been played too loud and have developed distortion. The benefits are that they have probably been run in already. But check the speakers before buying. Some people (kids especially) have the tendency to touch exposed tweeters and damaging them by pressing them too hard. You will be able the damage.

DVD/Blu-ray players are also a safe purchase, just check for physical damage and see if it actually works.

In most cases, they would sell it to you with full warranty so you are also covered there. But as with all purchases, check for physical damage as warranty can be voided because of that.

I got my Harman AVR at a fraction of the original price.
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