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Cheap video distribution?

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Hi. I'm a newbie and I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to distribute some of my equipment to another room in the house. I went searching for a FAQ and didn't find anything other than the board's FAQ. If there is such a FAQ, kindly direct me to it, and please accept my apologies.

Here's my question....

I want to distribute the output of my VCR and my DirecTV receiver to another room in the house. My idea was that I'd plug the coax from each of these into a combiner. On the VCR, I'd set the "Ch 3" switch, and on the DTV tuner, I'd set the "Ch 4" switch. The idea was that the TV in the other room would get the VCR on channel 3 and the DTV receiver on channel 4. Then to be able to handle the remote control aspects of this, I would use a "remote control" extender

Unfortunately, this didn't work. I purchased a splitter/combiner and a remote control extender from radio shack. The remote control extender worked great. Unfortunately, I think the idea that the splitter/combiner would actually work turned out to be somewhat naive. I could get either device, alone, to work just fine. But when I put both of them together, neither worked.

I'm now looking at the AVCAST Media Kit to do the job. But, boy howdy, it's expensive!! Unless I misunderstand what I need, I'm going to need the Media Kit and an additional MediaCaster to accomplish this. That's nearly $200. And then if I want to later add my TiVo to the things distributed to the house, that's another $70+s&h.

Is there a cheaper way to do this?
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You could use channel 3 from the VCR and get a single channel modulator by Channel Vision for ~$70 to take care of the DirecTV on a different channel. Of course, you could also just get a 2 channel modulator, such as the Channel Plus unit for ~$125 (better choice).

You might want to re-think distributing your VCR. For $50 you can buy an additional VCR. Then you can use the builtin modulator of your Directv box to distribute Directv. Good luck.

Look at the ChannelPlus 3025
I have the CP 3025 and I can't recommend it more...it has both IR distro with a 2 channel modulator in 1 package... I only use it as a modulator, but the IR would be handy for you.


Orbitsat is closing out the sony version of the two channel,

ChannelMaster for $89. This is what I sue and it actually gives you 3 channels. You can put one thing into the rf in on channel 3/4 and then two other things into the modulator.

Works great. I use it for 2 DircTivos and a dvd player.

Orbitsat has been selling that Sony MRDD1 FOREVER at that price. Majoir disadvantage of the MRDD1 compared the CP3025 - channel selection. The MRDD1 is rather limited on the channels you can use for your modulators, and it is not as easy to set the desired channels.
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