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The only answer anyone should tell you is... How does it look to you? Everyone tries to find the perfect picture and having seen about 10 different movie rooms locally I can tell you everyone has a different view how it should look and sound from what I have experienced.

It is hard to compare screens, I found this out a few years back asking questions here. TONS of great information but it does come down what you think.

I like 120" 1.1-1.4 gain screens in white because I use a UB projector and I like the pop and can still maintain the black level when it is calibrated right. *Room is also a CAVE so no light issues.

Now given that, I will say I just upgraded a new BluRay player and it made a HUGE difference in the picture quality...! So now my screen looks different (Better).

Truth is, it is like engines for HP, it is a total some of the parts and how they work that make it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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