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Cheaper Panamorph type Lenses

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There is nothing wrong with the Shack's cables!...

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Radio Shack cables! Wow, those are too expensive for my blood. I am stuck building my own..

Not to mention those of us paying for things with funny money (aka Canadian dollars). You think $1500 sounds expensive for a Panamorph? It actually looks like almost $2800 from where I sit!

(Yes, I know, tiny violins are playing a sad song in the background http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif )

Andy K.

You think that's bad? Try living in the States for a summer and converting back to Canuckbucks. Scary! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


Kam Fung

Ok, I guess misery loves company.

I will definately be building my own sheilded CAT5 hookup. Any pointers Eirikur, besides the CAT5 sheilded thread a few weeks ago. I'm really really excited about the possiblities. I went to a local homeimprovement store but the didn't have any shielded stuff at all.

I know this was discussed about 2 years ago and currently it is being discussed in a differnt thread. Originally one of the advantages of the panamorph was to be its cheaper price however that price has almost doubled and now it ain't so cheap.

One desperate member found a old anamorphic lens used in theaters that is proving to be capable of doing what we need at a very reasonable price. Another person found some lenses at a camera store that are anmorphic as well.

Since the Panamorph is now well over the $800 mark, maybe we could go back to the drawing board and find a lense that more acurrately reflects the wishes of some of the less fortunate members of this forum.

I spent $1500 (which I'm still trying to pay off since last june) for my Davis 450 clone and it seems odd to spend more than that for a lens. Even the more recent LT150's have been on sale for what this single lens is going for.

Those with deep pockets will say that the panamorph is worth twice as much as what it's selling for. Those same people probably have their whole house wired with Monster cable as well. I'm a radio shack shopper, does a great job and at a reasonable price. Anyone want to start looking again at cheaper solutions to the anamorphic cunudrum.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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