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Cheaper way to get a Showstopper 30 hr unit

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Hi again,

I'm in San Diego and the Best Buy here (and others I have been to throughout the country) has open box Panasonic Showstoppers for about $100 less than their usual retail price. I got mine for $499 and am still eligible for the $100 rebate --> net cost $399.

Also bought the $79 - 4 year parts/labor warranty which is really generous - they will upgrade you to whatever unit is equivalent at the time you bring it in for repair if it can't be fixed. Guess I hope mine blows up in a couple of years :)

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You'll find that lightning fries them pretty good. ;-)

Of course, I'd check the warranty before waving the unit overhead in a thunderstorm.


If it won't produce 500 watts per channel through a direct short, you need more power.
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