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Cheapest computer that can handle 1080p?

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I'm looking to build or buy an HTPC for my family for as cheap as humanly possible. Any ideas?
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If cost is a main driving factor, perhaps a HTPC isn't the best solution for your family. Do you have a list of features/activities that you would like this component to fulfill? That should be the first exercise you do before looking to buy anything.

There are a lot of CE devices available that will do a lot of media tasks, and a lot of them can be purchased for less than even the cheapest of PCs.

Here is one I just put together for another guy with an SSD and 4GB RAM for $450 (without an OS).

If you changed the SSD to a regular HD and used 2GB RAM you could probably build one for under $400.
Originally Posted by HelloCDClub
I'm looking to build or buy an HTPC for my family for as cheap as humanly possible. Any ideas?
I have an old PC with a P4 3.0ghz, 1GB ram, Asus HDAV 1.3 slim PCI, Visiontek HD2600 pro AGP 256MB (thinking to upgrade to a new video card that really supports HDCP and don't have to buy AnyDVD HD anymore), LG Bluray/HDDVD drive and I play blu-rays at 1920x1080 60hz with uncompressed audio using TMT 3 (blundled with Asus card) without any problems.

What I mean is you can try to find and old computer with about the same specs as mine and you can try to play HDTV content. I've been doing it with Windows XP SP3 (planning to try to windows 7 soon), just make sure that video hardware acceleration option in TMT is checked otherwise you won't get smoth playback.

Now thats cheap isn't it??
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