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The painting speed will be inproved with a forced software download via

DirectTV in the near future.

There is a resolve for the fan noise issue currently under development and

this upgrade should be available in a few weeks.

Your suggestions are being concidered for future releases.

Thank You

John Campbell ( JC )

Panasonic National Diagnostic Center

> -----Original Message-----

> From: Rick Arabian [SMTP:[email protected]]

> Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2001 1:11 PM

> To: [email protected]

> Subject: Problems and Suggestions


> Hello,


> I am writing this message mostly to suggest things that I would like to

> see

> in a Satellite upgrade. However, before I do that I must complain about

> the

> weak response of the remote, the noisy fan and the slow program guide. I

> am

> not as upset about the guide as most, because I like having all of the

> data

> instantly available. However, the painting speed could be improved.


> Now on to the suggestions:


> 1. Add additional 4:3 aspect ratio controls. I am fond of the options

> the

> Dish 6000 has, but I'd settle for a 3:4 or zoom mode. (where the 4:3

> picture

> fills the screen, is undistorted and the top and bottom of the information

> is cut off).


> 2. Add the ability to change video output (native, hybrid, 1080i, etc)

> via

> the remote control. I suggest allowing us to use the TV/VIDEO button for

> this since it doesn't do anything when in STB mode.


> 3. Speed up the program guide somehow.


> 4. Please do something about the fan. I'd be willing to ship my unit to

> a

> repair center for a quieter fan.


> Please take my suggestions seriously, you guys have a good product and

> with

> a little tweeking it could be a great one.


> Thanks for reading,

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