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check out this audio set up!!

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Wow!...and I thought I was obsessive :D

Mark: Interesting equipment, but a wiring nightmare. If we left wire like that, we'd never get paid. The equipment is obscured by the sloppy wiring job.
It looks, er, uh, loud....
Looks like a Hydro-ponic grow room along with his amplifier room.

BUT, i am sure it sounds interesting.

Think he shoulda got a BOSE wave radio instead...?
:eek: Wow, That's the exact same setup I have in my pinto!!
Guess this guy just likes the music, not the HT.
Is there a slight chance this is overkill?

I wouldn't want to be in the room when volume was at eleven.
he must of payed a fortune for his interconnects/cables because he loves to show them off obviously.....
seems like someone has too much money on their hands....wouldn't drugs be cheaper????
Hmmm . . . this one I might be able to pick out for certain in a double blind test.

Nick :cool:
In a word that's "WRONG!"......There is a nice system then there is ridiculous!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
Not open for further replies.