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I'm really new in this projector's world, kind of forced when I jumped in the lt150's wagon.

I've found this forum just great, but when I read all the great ideas and knowledge about projectors that you guys out there have, I can't help my self thinking:

What if a company (avscience, for example), collect, organize, edit and publish a book or a manual about getting the best about our projectors ??.

Someone might say: Hey, it takes time and time is money.Well, I'll be more than happy to pre-order one and probably a lot of the companies that support this forum can put their ads in this to help people to get the best picture possible.

I don't think that it would make people to reduce their visits to the forum. On the contrary, when you start getting the best out of your projector you'll be hooked to it.

Sorry for my spelling, I learned my english here in Colombia.



From Colombia, South America
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