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Chicago - Any word on when the remaining stations that are not on in DTV will be on?

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Does anyone have any information when channels such as 50 and 26 will be onboard?
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TitanTV shows WCUI-DT as 11/1/2002 and WPWR just says FCC Extenstion, no date is show and it's had this comment for a couple of months now.
Thank you for the info Rad.
Without incentive...they just squat on the freq and get unlimited extentions. Sorry needed to vent a little.
So, have any of these stations advise when they "plan" to go live?

TitanTV is only somewhat reliable. Look at their line-up for WTTW-11, they don't show anything.
After a week or so of broadcasting on 11-1, the signal has disappeared. Is it just me? The channel shows up as unavailable on my Hughes STB.
Earlier in the week 11.1's signal was fine, but starting on Tuesday it was dropping audio/video making it unwatchable. I checked it last night and it was still bad for me - I have made no changes, so I am assuming that it must be them...
Have had no problems with WTTW-DT. Loud and clear.
TitanTV only posts the info that the stations give them. They are the carriers of info. We saw repeatedly with WBBM-DT that the date changed as CBS changed their schedule. These dates are all tenative. We will only know once the stations themselves disclose the information to us or titantv.
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