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Chicken VNC Questions

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Using my Mini Duo Core with my FP projection system in my basement with my main HT system, work great. The question is I am trying to use another computer to access my mini so I don't have to turn my projector on everytime I want to listen to music. I was going to buy another monitor but decided not to because I was told you can use another computer to access my mini controls etc.. Well haven't figured it out yet, I have a wireless network and have a G5 and my MacbookPro on it, and was wondering will VNC work and how to set it up?


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GW, here's one method of many, open up the mini to allow it to be accessed and controlled remotely, then download a VNC client like Chicken of the VNC on your other Mac:



As long as the mini is on your network it should just show up under the CotVNC Login "server" column, even done wirelessly via Rendevous on your Macbook Pro, log in with the password you previously generated for it, then connect, it really can be this simple. It'll remember your settings and password for next time.
chefklc: Thanks for the helpful info, I will give it a go tonight!
chefklc: Thanks again, worked like a charm........
For what it's worth to others, CotVNC behaved strangely following my PowerBook upgrade to OS 10.4.7 yesterday. CotVNC couldn't get a correct host IP address for my CoreDuo Mini, whose settings I didn't change and still at OS 10.4.6. No problem connecting from my G4 Mini (10.4.4) to my CoreDuo Mini. Only the PowerBook on 10.4.7 had a problem. OS firewalls are off for all three Macs. There were no apparent changes to my Network or Sharing settings.

After an hour of troubleshooting, turning Sharing settings off and back on, I got CotVNC to pull up the host IP addresses for both of my Minis. Everything is fine again now. I'm not sure what particular sequence of events caused this issue or what to say was the resolution. I'll just mark it as a minor OS upgrade headache -- now resolved.
I used osxvnc as the server app. It works great.
For those of us who are into these kinds of things... If you compile OSXVnc and CotVNC with them targeted towards your specific hardware, they tend to speed up quite a bit. It's more than a subtle change when connecting across the internets, and a nice performance boost on the LAN. It's an easy thing to do if you have the developer tools installed. I've compiled both apps for my G5 PowerMac and my G4 mini.
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