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I'm hoping that somebody that has experience with the new Chief RPMA mounting mechanism could share their experience.

Is there any reason why I would want to go with the traditional RPM-series mount (5 thumbscrews) instead of going with the new Q-Lock mechanism?

I really don't need the key lock, and the projector is not going to be removed frequently. On the other hand, the Q-Lock mechanism seems convenient and nice and only costs $15 more (insignificant difference considering the $200 cost of the mount).

With this insignificant difference in cost, why do they even make the RPM version? Is the traditional thumbscrew version more stiff/rigid? (Does the Q-lock version result in some play that can be avoided with the traditional version? Just speculating...)

I would appreciate some insight into this matter from people that have used both (with/without Q-Lock).


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