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Chief vs Peerless vs Sanus

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I've been racking my brain looking through tons of threads.

I was originally going to go for a Sony mount, just to reduce headache, but I guess the mount I was going for was discountinued.

SO, I was originally looking at a Chief, then I looked at Sanus then at peerless, chief seems to have custom brackets for most models while sanus and peerless seem more universal.

I liked the chief and sanus because some of the models had locks to prevent the t.v. from being lifted of the mount without removing the padlock some allow you to use.

As far as quality, is there a better here? Any opinions vs each of these models would be great.

I'll be mounting a 46XBR3 Sony, so any help would be great.
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Check monoprice. I used one of theirs for my 52" Samsung, worked like a charm.
Eh, not thanks rather stick to one of these 3 brands, but thanks.
I have a Sanus mount. Don't remember which one (vmdd26, maybe?), but it's used to mount a 140# 58" plasma, and it works GREAT!

Good luck. You've identified 3 of the more well thought of brands around here; omnimount is another one people seem to like.

I used the Chief PNRU for a 65" Panny Pro as it was one of the few to handle the 200 lb weight. More recently I used the Sanus VMAA18 for Panny Pro 50 and 42, and what I really like about the Sanus is the easy movement and alignment of the panel. The panel almost floats--can be moved with little effort. I feel it also offers a nicer vertical tilt adjustment. Very good mechanical design and impeccable construction quality.
I went with a Peerless tilt (+/- 15 degree) for my 50" Panny and very happy with it. My reason for going with Peerless was because many had good things to say about it plus that jungle store just happened to have it on sale for a few bucks less than anyone else at the time.
I h ave a Sanus tilt for my 46" LCD and a Peerless low profile for my 58" Plasma... Both were virtually identical in quality and both came with more than enough hardware and the proper hex tools for mounting. I would recommend either of them to anyone... very good products
I might end up going with a Chief MTR6069, which is supposedly the sony specific tilting mount.

From what i read from cheif it can handle 125, but I look at other sites listed it says 100 max.

I know my t.v. without the stand is 79 just about, that should be enough right?

Reason i ended up going with chief is I like their locking flag which i could put a padlock on haha so the t.v. couldn't be removed
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