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Choose speakers from the sub out?

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I am completing a home theatre setup, and the last set of components I need are speakers. Now I was thinking that I would build a set of speakers from the subwoofer out, is this a good strategy?

I was looking to stay around $1000 for a set of 5.1 speakers, primarily for watching network HDTV and movies (I like to feel the bass from action movies shake the floor!), with the occasional music playing at a medium to high level, though no big parties or anything with music really really loud.

After researching them, I was considering the SVS PB10, but it is about $400, which doesn't leave much more than $100 for the rest of the set. The room is about 20x15, but one wall is open, leading to a hallway and on (this is temporary for no more than a year/18 months).

Will I be able to find a decent set of 5 speakers to complement the SVS PB10 for $600? Any suggestions, if so? If not, or if the SVS PB10 is not a good choice, do you have any suggestions? (Also, if I can spend just a little more for a big jump in performance, what would it be?)

Also, I have been told that I should get two large front channel speakers, a large, good, center channel, and then the rear can be smaller, cheaper speakers. However, I have also read that all five speakers should be the same. After having multiple opinions here, is this just subjective, or is there a definitive argument to be made?

Thanks in advance!

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By the way, I'm not sure if it helps, but my receiver is a JVC RX-D402B.

I've been looking at the Polk Monitor series, with the CS-1 for the center channel - would this be a good choice in this price range? (Near $600 for the two front, center, and two rear)
What about the SVS 5.1 speaker package that includes one of their subs. It's $1000 + shipping.

They are definitely in my price range. How do the bookshelves compare to Polk speakers? How about to the Klipsch reference series? (The choice if we went with a local store rather than online retailers)

I am still confused about whether big floorstanding and small surrounds are better or worse than identical bookshelves for front and rear.

I have never listened to svs speakers, but from all of the great reveiws on thier subs, I would bet they sound pretty good.

Polk & Klipsch have a very different sound from eachother, you should go out listen to both of them to hear what you would prefer for sound type.

Floorstanding speakers in my opinion will usually give you lower bass and better midrange than small surrounds or bookshelves. But when it comes to lower bass that is what a sub is for. You should go out and listen to floorstanding & bookshelf speakers and listen for the diference in sound and well as quality. Good luck & Enjoy!
Originally Posted by tdogroeder
I have never listened to svs speakers, but from all of the great reveiws on thier subs, I would bet they sound pretty good.
That's very true, Brian, SVS has been regarded as one of the best pound for pound sub out there, so I'm willing to bet they're speakers has the same rep as well. Brian, as my name says I LOVE Polk Audio speakers. The Monitor series is great. I actually have Monitor 40's right now for my fronts and a CS1 for my center backed up by an Onkyo TX-SR503 75 x 7 receiver. I have Paradigm Cinema ADP bi-pole's (not by choice) for surrounds. In my opinoin you should definately listen for yourself to a full Monitor series. If you have a sub pushing ALL the bass and what I mean is setting all your speakers on your receiver to small and letting the sub do the work. The Monitor sounds really good for movies and it surprisingly still sounds really good for 2-channel music as well. A lot of guys talk a lot of smack about Polk, but I wouldn't have anything else.
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Thanks - Klipsch and Polk I have the opportunity to listen to in person, but as SVS is mail-order only I won't be able to hear their loudspeakers. The PB10 has amazing reviews here and elsewhere, but there seem to be very few people posting who have heard the 5.1 set. I guess if I go with SVS, it will have to be on reputation alone...
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