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Choosing a Harmony 676 or 688

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I wanted suggestions on which remote I should buy for my setup.

Philips 34PW850H

2 Philips HDR112 tivos

1 Toshiba SDH400 DVD player/tivo

Kenwood amplifier

Liteon 5005 DVD recorder

I read from Logitech's website that the 688 is better for DVR, but other reviews say the layout is not as intuitive as the 676. TIA
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All the "6" series remotes have identical programming abilities, so you should make your decision on which has the best button layout for you (in addition to price). The 680 is generally considered the best for PVR use, since it has the transport controls surrounding the thumbpad. Also, the chapter skip forward and back buttons are dual-labeled "Skip" and "Replay".

There are a number of threads and opinions on all of the "6" series on this forum.
My understanding is that the 676 and 680 are almost identical with the exception of the "windows media" button on the 680. I would stay away from the 688. I don't know how to explain this, but the buttons all run together. There's no spacing in between them so it makes for difficult tactile operation in low light environments. I wound up returning mine and got a 680 instead. I'm very happy with it. Hopefully someone else can comment on the 676.
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