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Choosing A Proper remote

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I was looking for some insight on which would be the best type of remote for my setup. I have tried the harmony 360 remote and I am not happy with it. I've seen a remote I do like the looks of but I don't have it in hand to actually try it out. They are Philips Pronto TSU7500 & URC TX-1000 Medius. If anyone has them or can offer another remote that may be a perfect match for me please let me know.

here are the devices I currently own and are in use in my theater setup


RCA 52" HDTV (D52W20)

Sylvania 42" EDTV Plasma (6842-PEM)

TV Devices

DVD Player: RCA (DRC-285)

Satellite: Viewsat vs-2000 Extreme

PVR: ReplayTV (5040)


Game Consoles

Microsoft Xbox360

Surroud Sound

Denon AVR-1506

A/V Selector

Pelican System Selector Pro (1.0 no HDMI & DVI)


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Well Its official I don't like the Harmony 360 remote. the controller seems to lag on 3 devices for me and even using the macro activities my tv only turns on half the time and the other half its the dvd player.
Those things can be fixed if they're your only issues.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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