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it has been a while since i have had a nice AVR system. i moved to mexico a few years ago and have subsisted with systems that might get me kicked off of this forum. but with a 50" LG, and a set of pioneer A. Jones speakers, i am now ready to get a medium level receiver.

here is my short list.:

denon 2313

onkyo 809

yamaha 773

yamaha a820

pioneer sc-1222

please do not tell me that the receiver too high quality for the speakers.

i am leaning towards the pioneer for a couple of reasons.

1. many more QC comments on the denon, onkyo, and yamaha products.

2. the pioneer D class amps are interesting and the lack of flexibility in the SC-1222 is not an issue for me.

3. many more comments on the sound quality of the pioneer.

i am new to the game with current technology. comments and opinions appreciated.

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