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Ok, so I've put off buying and getting into the HDTV world for 3 weeks already. My GF is going crazy and says I should just pick one but she doesnt understand!! LOL! I almost bought a Toshiba Plamsma 42in and then been reading on here and looked into getting a 42 or 50in "Panny" Plasma but....I put all that aside and narrowed my choices...

I will be sitting 8 -10 feet away. I know I want a size between 42-47in LCD...maybe 40. LCD because I play alot of games and watch alot of ESPN, it seems like to much hassle with plasma's "zooming in watching a movie to avoid black bars, burn in, watching discovery to get rid of IR etc..." All quotes in the plasma threads. Heard amany bad things about the 47in Vizio 1080p and really liked the 46 Sammy 1080p I saw at CC but waiting for the price to dip below 2g. Think anytime soon? I know about clouding but I've come and dealt with that no TV is perfect. I know the longer I wait new LCD's will come and current prices will drop. I dont want JVC saw in person and didnt like. Any suggestions?

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You mean an entire 3 weeks in a row? It took me a year to pick a 46".

Don't make yourself crazy. You already know what you want to watch,

where you will watch it, how far away, and there are many big name

and many no-name brands in your price / size range. You also have

looked at brands and decided you didn't like them.

Don't get paralyzed by the vast amount of opinions and feedback

here. My advice is to figure out what is more important to you

OUTSIDE of the TV specs.

Rank by order of importance:


reliability (hard to predict)

company reputation

store warranty


remote control

cabinet / screen look in your house

peace of mind (and how much you want to spend for that)

Hd picture quality

SD picture quality

bragging rights to your friends

approval from the gf

scorn from your mother


Would you be ok, or unhappy if you had to buy a new one

2 days after the warranty expired? Do you want / need

an extended warranty? I would do what you've done, look and

compare PQ and find what works for you, then compare everything

else and pull the trigger based upon your priorities.
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