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Choosing between LCD and plasma

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Yesterday, me and my friend got into an argument choosing between LCD and plasma TVs. But, neither of us had anything very technical to contribute regarding one over the other. His thoughts we that plasma is a better technology with much superior picture and its deficiencies like the display burning out etc has been overcome by technological improvements. Can experienced guys tell me what factors makes someone choose the plasma over the LCD and vice versa?

I tried searching the net, but didn't get point answers.

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Can you dedicate it to a room with low-moderate lighting and no lights positioned to reflect directly off the screen into your view? The best plasmas are still the most accurate sets with wider viewing angles. Do you want to watch in all conditions, from movies in a dark room to sports and daytime TV in broad daylight with the curtains wide open? Plasmas will annoy you to no end, get an LCD. The best LCDs are not far behind plasmas.

It's not a 9-out-of-10 vs 6-out-of-10 choice. More like 9 1/2 out-of-10 vs 9 1/4 out-of-10. I would choose based on room lighting conditions. Personally I have to rule out plasma with my lighting situation.

CNET annoys me to no end sometimes, but it's still probably a good place to look for comparisons.
I still play Atari 2600....a lot. I also smoke, and glossy laminates get smoke damaged and yellow easily.

My friend has Pac-Man burn in on his newer Pioneer plasma, so you I still believe LCD is best for avoiding image retention.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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